Riccardo Grilli, Team rider

Riccardo Grilli 🇮🇹

Milano, Italy.

Ricky has been a member of the Balance Board Pro team since the very beginning when we were making the prototypes. He has been an invaluable help throughout the development and we have a great board thanks to him as well.
He broke several boards before we found a magic match with shape, dimension, and material.

You can find him, during the winter, everyday snowboarding, or with his inseparable friend Mimmo, his dog. He hangs around during the summer in Portugal to try to catch the best waves because he loves to surf.

Riccardo is a freelance gym instructor in Milano and a well-known snowboard coach, you can catch him in Barzio Piani Di Bobbio at snowboard school.

Riccardo is a friend.

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