Roberto Preziosi - team rider  at Balance Board Pro - Kids love balance boards

Roberto Preziosi 🇮🇹

Milan, Italy
I found Roberto during the emergency on Instagram, and I was impressed by how many exercises
he was doing from home. He was such an inspiration a 9-year-old-boy playing everyday balance board and tramp jibbing board. We were confined in a tough period, and I like to see sport and the home balance board helps a lot.

We met in Milano, we are both from Milano and I met all his family and for sure his dad Carlo, who is the man behind the camera, we hear him, but we never see him, but it is still there. Roby is a passionate snowboarder, skateboarder, more recently kite surfer and he fell in love with Balance Board Pro, cannot forget his big smile the first time he tries my balance board and I told him “This is for you, keep it”.

We are so proud that Roby is our Team rider.

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