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[fill in and return this form only if you want to withdraw from the contract

If by

If by postal mail: 7APP di GRASSI CHRISTIAN 

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 24

20124 Milano (MI) 


Attention of E-Commerce Department  

Subject: Declaration of withdrawal from the order no. __________________*[1]  

I hereby notice my withdraw from the contract of sale of the following

products[2]:___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 

ordered on ________________________________ [3] and (if applicable) received on ___________________________________________ [4].

Accordingly, I return this/these product/s to 7APP di GRASSI CHRISTIAN , viale Vittorio Veneto, 24 - Milano (MI), Italy within 14 days from the date of this notice. 

Please make the reimbursement of the returned product/s using the same method of payment used for the purchase. In case of bank transfer, please find below the bank account details (IBAN code): 


For any communication related to this notice, you can contact me at: 

  • Name and last name: __________________________________[5]
  • Address: __________________________________[6]
  • Phone number: __________________________________[7]
  • E-mail: __________________________________[8]

Date: _______________________

Signature: _______________________________________ 

[1] Please complete with the number of the order (fill in with the number reported on the Order Confirmation) through which the purchase of the product/s has been made in relation to this/these product/s you want exercise the right of withdrawal.

[2] Specify for every product name as reported on the Order Confirmation.

[3] Insert the date of the order.

[4] Insert the date of the receiving of products in case of the right of withdrawal is exercised after the receiving of the products in relation to which you want withdrawal.

[5] Please write in block letters. 

[6] Please write in block letters. 

[7] Please write in block letters.

[8] Please write in block letters.


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Christian Grassi Balance Board Pro CEO

Our story

Balance Board Pro, made in Italy ® came to life during the first lockdown in Italy in March 2020.

We produce balance boards. A handmade finish with resin and fiberglass and with removable stoppers.

I am Christian Grassi, 51 years old, a digital creator with experience in startups and entrepreneurship. Founder and former CEO, I first launched Mobnotes, a GEO location-based service in 2008 (before Foursquare was born), Mobnotes was a TechCrunch50 finalist and the only Italian firm selected. Raised 600K.

The idea of a balance board was created by accident like many great ideas are. While on one snowboarding camp in Cervinia (Italy) we could not ski due to the weather conditions, so we start playing on tramps, downhill mountain biking, and other activity to keep us busy.
When i first see this piece of wood, a very rude balance board, and people who play trying to keep the board off the ground, i could not stop playing.
Once back home, I start prototyping mine, during the emergency in march 2020.
I’ve always been addicted to the sport, love snowboarding, and trampoline, and most recently, I am a diver. I practice yoga and have a natural attraction to all extreme sports.
I have been snowboarding since i was young which turns out to be 30 years from alpine snowboarding to directional boards and now enjoy twin boards for freestyle and park riding.

My goal is to help you improve your balance, your's is to keep the board off the ground. 🤘

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