THE FREESTYLE Noah Balance Board Pro kit

Size: Small Roller (10 x 45cm)
Accessories: No Accessories
Sale price€199,00 EUR


Challenging your core strength and balance with Balance Board Pro, made in Italy ®, introducing Freestyle Noah board, our new freestyle balance board.

Experienced riders and high and medium-level athletes will be delight of this new board to enjoy tricks.

It is a unique product with a handmade finish with resin and fiberglass and is a very light board but resistant to the most challenging tricks.
The original fiberglass core.

Balance boards are a great way to make the most of at-home fitness, and there is no need for waves, slopes, jumps, or parks: it is a perfect tool for indoor training.

Improve your surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, kitesurfing, and all other balance sport skills from anywhere with our Balance Board Pro.

Every balance exercise will improve your riding and balance, making you even more confident on the board.

The kit includes the following:

  • freestyle board (75x31cm) 1,1cm tick with premium fiberglass, rounded edge, light 1,2 Kg.  and extremely resistant
  • original cork roller from Portugal 11x45cm absorbs jumps without the need to have a mat, easy turning, and proper grip

⚡ Pay in 3 with klarna without any interest, which allows you to split purchases into 3 payments.

🤟 Unique freestyle experience 

Experienced riders and high and medium-level athletes

🥾 Extra grip barefoot or wearing shoes

Skateboarders usually wear shoes. Instead, most surfers prefer to go barefoot. Allow riding barefoot or wearing shoes, and it's up to your preference and feel

🇪🇺 Free shipping within the EU 

In 2-5 days by express delivery at your home

🏋🏻‍♂️ Load capacity up to 150kg/330lbs

Our boards withstand large loads easily; the fiberglass adds extra strength

💚 Free of plastic packaging

We use FSC-certified wood for the board, and our packaging is completely free of plastic and synthetic materials. We fight for our environment

🌊 Waterproof and scratch-resistant

Our boards are particularly scratch-resistant due to the balance board surface made of premium fiberglass UV resistant

📹 Free video tutorial

With our free tutorial videos, you will learn handsome tricks by watching skate, snowboard, or surf-specific tutorial.

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