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Montessori-inspired Balance Board for Kids: Kid's Balance Board, where endless fun improves motor skills, concentration, and focus while playing.

The Kid's Balance Board is a specialized sports equipment designed to improve a child's balance, coordination, and core strength.

Children can stand, sit, or kneel on the balance board and engage in various activities to develop their balance and motor skills. Aside from being a fun activity, using a balance board provides several benefits for kids. It can enhance motor skills, improve concentration and focus, strengthen muscles, promote better posture, and even assist in developing a sense of body awareness.

Kids often have a natural affinity for exploring different ways to use a balance board and find creative ways to play with it. For example, straddling the balance board and using it as a swing can provide a sense of motion and amusement. In addition, it allows children to experience a gentle rocking motion while engaging their core muscles and improving balance.

The board is a great trainer for balance. High-quality handcrafted solid shape composed of seven layers of maple wood ensures long playtime fun.

Overall, the open-ended nature of a balance board encourages children to explore their physical capabilities, foster creativity, and engage in active play.

It's important to note that children should always use a balance board under adult supervision, especially younger kids or those new to this type of equipment. Ensuring a safe environment and using the balance board appropriately can help prevent accidents or injuries.

The kit includes the following:

  • The Kid's Balance Board (75x26 cm) 1,3 cm tick rounded edge, light 1,3 Kg. and extremely resistant up to 100 kg
  • Seven layers of beech wood, about 1.05 cm thick
  • The maximum ground clearance is about 12 cm
  • Easy to store and carry due to its small size

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🧒 Unique children experience 

Easy to use, an accurate balance board is recommended for children ages 2 and up, but also usable as a game and table much earlier

🖼️ Customize with your child name laser printed

On the natural wood kid's board, you can customize it with the name of your loved ones (laser-printed) and with an illustration, such as a pet, if requested.

🇪🇺 Free shipping within the EU 

In 1-3 days by express delivery at your home

🏋🏻‍♂️ Load capacity up to 100kg/220lbs

Our boards withstand large loads easily, easy to store and carry due to its small size

💚 Free of plastic packaging

We use FSC-certified wood for the board, and our packaging is completely free of plastic and synthetic materials. We fight for our environment

🌊 Waterproof and scratch-resistant

Our boards are especially scratch-resistant and safe due to the rounded finishing edges on the wood

📹 Free video tutorial

With our free tutorial videos, you will learn handsome games by watching our kid's specific tutorial.

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